Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunday at CHA...Part One

Hi all!  I have finally made it back east.  What a trip!!  I left a day early to beat the snow and then got stuck out in LA.  Honestly, I wasn't complaining either...I'd rather be stranded in a warm, sunny place than in the middle of a blizzard.  The weather effected many of my designer friends, too!  While we all wanted to get home, we were all kinda happy that we were able to spend a little more time together.  

Now that I am somewhat settled (and awake this morning, as my body is still on Pacific time), I have lots more to share with you.  It'll be coming in dribs and drabs over the next couple of weeks.  I also have a surprise keep look out!

CHA Winter was a wonderful show for me.  I participated in a lot and was also working part of the show.  As I mentioned before, I was working for Ana Araujo from When Creativity Knocks.  Ana and her team taped four episodes at Elmer's and two at Craftwell.  After each episode at Craftwell, we did make and takes.    At Elmer's, we did make and gives! 

Elmer's and When Creativity Knocks came up with the concept of Cards for Our Troops.  We made 4 different, interactive cards with show attendees and then Elmer's is shipping them off to our Troops overseas.  Blumenthal Lansing, Clear Bags, TaDa and Elmer's all donated product for the cards.  The generosity of these manufacturers is amazing!

This is one of the cards that is being sent to our Troops.  We also made a Magic Card that is based on the Magic Wallet, a Checker Board card that comes with buttons so that you can play and another that has a door that opens.  I guest appeared in an episode where Ana shows you how to make a game card with foam board and can slide the pieces around and mix them up and then try to put the picture back together again.  It's ridiculous!!!!  I want to spend just one day in Ana's head so I can understand how she comes up with all these concepts.  It's truly astounding to me.

People seemed to be having a great time making these cards.  They really got into it and some even wrote personal messages.  We met a lot of really great people.

Even Megan, Ana's daughter and the host of WCK made some cards to send.

My colleagues and friends....Laura Bray and Cindi Bisson....kept me entertained.  Ana gave each of us a new Mimi bag at the show.  Laura was so excited as I was showing her all the really neat compartments I was finding.  ;)

The time flew right by on Sunday.  We even had a very special visitor...but that'll have to wait until next post!

Artfully yours,

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