Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yeah...I'm all that and roll of blue painter's tape!

I can't think of a better definition to describe me!
The pre-show jitters are reaching a low hum, people!  Why am I not completely freaking out?  Well, that would be because I actually (and for a change) am ahead of schedule!!  This past Tuesday, I packed up my entire Designer Showcase display and then on Wednesday I shipped it all out!  WOW!  I went through a lot of bubble wrap and blue painters tape!

The picture above is a small piece of my Designer Showcase centerpiece.  What is the Designer Showcase?  During the summer and winter trade shows, the Designers have the opportunity to showcase their work for one day.  It's a long day with set up, a viewing period for Editors, Manufacturers and Publishers (EMPs), then a Meet and Greet with EMP where they can meet the designers...and finally tear down!  The purpose of the showcase is to show who you are as a designer and hopefully it will garnish you with some work, great connections or a book deal.

I have been a Designer Section member since 2006 and every year I have talked myself out of participating in this event.  It's quite nerve wracking actually...what will my concept be?  How do I present that through my work?  Who am I as an artist and a designer?  In truth...I have already gained far more from this experience than I ever could have hoped to expect!  It was quite in introspective really.  I learned a lot about my creative self and have exceeded my own expectations.  I'm pleased that I kept this promise to myself.

Artfully yours,

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