Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beeswax Shadowbox

Hello there blogospherians!

For those of you I haven't had the pleasure to "see" yet, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Things were extra crazy here over the holidays...and then they kicked into high gear!  For those of you who do not know, I am a member of the designer section of the Craft and Hobby Association (known as CHA).  It is a fantastic organization...which is a post for another day...but the long and short of this story is that I have been very busy getting ready for our GINORMOUS winter trade show.  This winter we will be in LA.  I am looking forward to getting away from the outrageous winter weather to some that will be (at least to us north easterners) be warm!

So....I have been very busy preparing for all the show happenings...which is why I haven't been "here".  Over the next several weeks, you will be seeing and hearing a lot about my prep for the show as well as some really exclusive photos and such during the show.  So tune in!  There will be a lot to share....

Oh boy...I digressed very early in this post!  Now back to that Beeswax Shadowbox!  This past September, I had the extreme pleasure to assist Ana Araujo of When Creativity Knocks at Maker Faire in Queens, NY.  It was jam packed full of activity and very well attended.  

During that weekend, I had the great pleasure to tape my second episode for When Creativity Knocks and I guest appeared on a second episode.  If you are not familiar with WCK, I highly suggest you check it out.  Ana, her daughter and host, Megan and the WCK team go all over filming some of the most creative people around.  They have a very full taping schedule at CHA's winter some really exciting things will be coming up!!  

Theresa and Ana taping at Maker Faire, NY
I have taped for WCK before....way back in July of 2008.  You can find that episode as well as many countless others in WCK's archive.  Ana and Megan don't discriminate when it comes to whether your thing is painting, fabric crafts, scrapbooking,'ll find something!  

I keep my beeswax in a crock pot that I turn on when I need it!

One of the best things about taping outside is that you don't really feel like you're "in the spotlight"...even though you literally are!
 Ana is so easy to work with and makes everything more fun and exciting.  Scott, WCK's producer, is amazing behind the camera.  I'm really excited to see then all again in LA at the end of the month.

Some new news I can share with you now....
Once CHA is over, I will be contributing a monthly column to WCK's Creative Journal called The Designer Connection.  We are working out the details and I'm doing some diligent research in between making crafty messes!  More about that to come!

Keep checking back....the count down to CHA has officially begun!

Artfully yours,

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