Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Meaningful Quote...

Hi and welcome back!

Years ago, I came across a quote on a rubber stamp. That quote read: "What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?" It really had a profound effect on me both personally and professionally. Back then, I was just starting to define who I am as an artist and designer. I thought, back then, I knew the direction in which I wanted to head. Along the way, I got lots of advice...both good and bad, as well as a lot of encouragement and discouragement! It left me, shall we say, very tentative at best.

As many of us creatives do...I talked myself into and out of things during my journey. As I "grew up" and did some serious self discovery, I began to trust my own instincts and decisions. I was able to get a better grasp on what it meant for me to be successful in all aspects of my life. I found it easier to take a negative and make it into a positive...which brings me back to that stamp!

Now, as I have mentioned, there was just something about the quote on that stamp that had a grip on me. Once in a while, I would pull it out of it's home in my studio and leave it out on my work table and wonder what...though I loved it...bothered me so. I mean, if you read it, it seems like such a positive message! Yet, in all the years I had it, I believe I only used it ONE time!

Jump forward a couple of years, here I am in my new studio! One of the best things about having to move all my supplies out of my studio was that I got to go through everything I owned...and I found things that I'd forgotten I'd had...or thought I'd lost! LOL One of those things was that darn stamp again! During the move, I saw that stamp and I copied that quote at the top of my massive "to do" list. Every time I opened my notebook to that list, I would read that quote and something about it just felt wrong.

It wasn't until I'd been in my studio a couple of months that it hit me. I remember thinking I was brave in my decision to move into an independent place. I remember being proud of having set goals that were realistic and attainable. I remember thinking that I was not afraid of the hard work it would take to achieve those of which was to start teaching classes at my studio. And there I was, looking at that quote again..."What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?"...thinking, wasn't I attempting something BIG!? I wasn't letting fear control my choices! So what was the problem with those few words?

It took a little more time before I could hear the answer clearly. It was in the middle of the is typical with me. I woke myself up and grabbed the book I'd been making notes in and rewrote the quote to say..."What would you attempt to do if you knew you would succeed?"...and went back to sleep. The next morning when I reread what I'd written, it made sense. It was the word "fail". What a negative word. It sure didn't fit into my place of positivity! I knew that this newly worded quote would become my mantra as I build my empire...however large or small I decide it to be. Soon after, I began creating this textured collage which now hangs proudly in my I don't forget. EVER!

This weekend, I am holding my first Open House at my studio. I am introducing my roster of classes, doing make & takes, giving gifts and holding a raffle of really terrific Plaid products...basically just having a grand celebration to let the community know I'm here! In the spirit of Field of Dreams...."if you build it, they will come"...I am here to share my love of art with anyone who cares to join me in this journey. I'm just beginning....again!

Artfully yours always....

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